Woods Medtronic Visit

Tissuemed’s CEO Nick Woods has this week visited Medtronic’s facility in Jacksonville Florida. Medtronic has a distribution agreement with Tissuemed to supply Obex Neurofilm in the Neuro/Spinal surgery space and Nick’s meeting with senior management at the company was a planned follow up to the commencement of selling activity late in 2010. On his return Nick stated; “It was heart-warming to hear from Medtronic that they are incredibly impressed with our technology. It’s rather early to get too excited about the long-term commercial prospects for the venture, but what was very encouraging for me was that they are really working hard to introduce our product to their customers and are already reporting notable successes. In all of our dealings with Medtronic I’ve been impressed with their honesty of approach and general attention levels to what is in reality a small project for a company of such size. I’m reassured that we are on very much the same page in our beliefs about how to introduce a new technology to the Operating Room environment. What’s also clear is that the experience we gleaned from our early endeavour in commercialising a product in this market is a very useful asset for Medtronic. I think it’s fair to say we have an unusually large amount of dialogue compared with a typical supplier/distributor relationship….they are great people to work with and we’re very happy about that.”