When is a Technologist an Operations Manager?

Tissuemed’s recent efforts to recruit an Operations Technologist have raised an interesting question….”What’s one of those?” Applicants or those enquiring about the position probably need to have the role clarified. The company is seeking someone with polymer chemistry and operations experience with a view to this person being the go-to individual in manufacturing operations when it comes to technical queries. Additionally this person will be expected to be heavily involved in the development of new patch iterations at the level of translating them from lab to manufacturing. Tissuemed is a small company, but punches well above its weight in many regards, having on site manufacturing activities extending to synthesis of its own adhesive polymers and casting of final films. As such it is possible to envisage a need for this cross-over role between product development and control over key elements of manufacturing operations. If you would like to apply for the position or would simply like further information, please contact Ian Thompson.