UK Distribution Deal Adds Dural Substitute to Tissuemed Portfolio

Tissuemed is pleased to announce an agreement with AudioTechnologies to market the Lyomesh range of dural substitutes in the UK.

Derived from a non-bovine source, Lyomesh is a collagenous dural substitute that will sit comfortably in Tissuemed’s portfolio. Lyomesh provides reassurance to neurosurgeons and patients alike who may be concerned by the use of bovine-derived materials. It is indicated to replace the Dura Mater where this tissue has been removed or whose integrity has been compromised.

Lyomesh is a thin, compliant membrane available in a range of sizes. Its transparency offers the advantage that the underlying tissues and surgical field are visible throughout. It is simple to use, and is strong enough to be sutured in place – alternatively it may be secured with a sealant, such as Tissuemed’s TissuePatchDural.
“I am delighted that we can add Lyomesh to our portfolio of dural closure products in the UK” said David Mandley, Tissuemed’s CEO. ‘Lyomesh provides a safe and effective solution for neurosurgeons who deal with dural closure on a daily basis. It provides a number of excellent features over existing duraplasty products that will deliver benefits to both users and patients”. Lyomesh also complements Tissuemed’s dural sealant film TissuePatchDural that is used by neurosurgeons as an adjunct to dural closure, to reinforce conventional closure and deliver a watertight closure.

We are very pleased to be working with AudioTechnologies and look forward to the opportunities that lay ahead for both businesses here in the UK”.