Two Italian TissuePatchDural papers

Two papers were presented at the Italian Neurosurgical congress (SINCH) in late 2010 relating to the use of TissuePatchdural. One involved use in the posterior cranial fossa and the other in transnasal-sphenoidal surgery. The papers are currently being translated, but they conclude as follows: “In view of our experience, we maintain that the use of the TissuePatchDural can constitute a valid aid, among the heterologous components used in the reconstruction of the dural layer capable of preventing the appearance of a cerebrospinal fluid leak” and in the second paper “We feel that this technique can always be proposed, not only in cases of intraoperative cerebrospinal fluid rhinorrhoea, but also, and especially, for the systematic purpose of prevention. We are currently using it routinely in the final reconstruction phase.”

Full translations will be posted tomorrow.