TissuePatchThoracic resolves persistent air leak

It’s been reported by Tissuemed’s Danish distributor that a patient was operated on last friday for a troublesome air leak that had lasted 14 days after a previous lobectomy. The patient presented with a leak of 300-400ml/min and had lung tissue that was not suitable for suturing. Consequently the surgeon used two pieces of 10cm x 10cm TissePatchThoracic, which resulted in an immediate leak reduction to 60-70ml/min. Today the surgeon reports the patient has had drains removed and is expected to be sent home tomorrow, subject to satisfactory X-Ray. On Tissuemed’s evaluation form the surgeon has scored the product excellent for effectiveness and 5/5 for ease of use. This is further evidence that the TissuePatch “film-based” technology works well in resolution of complex air leaks even situations where other solutions such as use of additional suturing or liquid glues are not options.