TissuePatchThoracic – Prevents unwanted adhesion

Recent clinical experience has revealed that TissuePatchThoracic, Tissuemed’s surgical sealant film for air leak prevention has barrier properties which prevent post-surgical adhesion formation.

In the expectation that further surgery might be required, the consultant surgeon used TissuePatchThoracic as a barrier to separate tissue surfaces and enable easier dissection during any subsequent surgery. Within a month, surgery proceeded and a section of diseased lung/chest wall was removed, during which the patch treated site was examined. The tissue planes were non-adherent, unremarkable, with minimal material remains at the site.

TissuePatchThoracic incorporates two distinct surfaces, an adhesive tissue-contacting layer delivering an immediate sealing effect, and a non-adhesive surface comprising PLGA, a resorbable polymer present in a number of adhesion prevention films used in cardiac and plastic surgery.