TissuePatchDural Strong Clinical Performance – Presented at the World Congress of Neurosurgery 2013.

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From 8th-13th September the neurosurgery community will meet in Seoul, South Korea for the 15th World Congress of Neurosurgery (WFNS).

During this event, neurosurgeons from The Leeds General Infirmary (UK) will be presenting data comparing TissuePatchDural™ with a traditional liquid sealant for CSF leak prevention during posterior fossa surgery. This series involved a retrospective data analysis from patients who underwent elective neurosurgery, where watertight dural closure was required.

A total of 101 patients were routinely managed with either fibrin sealant or TissuePatchDural™. The use of TissuePatchDural approximately halved the incidence of CSF leaks compared to patients who were treated with Tisseel. Furthermore, the average length of hospital stay for patients treated with TissuePatchDural™ was half that of the Tisseel group.

This data has previously been presented as a poster at the SBNS 2013 Spring meeting. The presentation will be available on the Tissuemed website at the conclusion of the WFNS.

For further information on TissuePatchDural™ please click here.