TissuePatchDural – New video and Clinical Series Bulletin describing the Use of TissuePatchDural for Dural closure for Revision Craniotomy

Tissuemed are pleased to share a new video and to publish a Clinical Series Bulletin available here presenting the use of TissuePatchDural for dural sealing in a revision craniotomy – TissuePatchDural had been used in the original dural closure 2 years earlier.

During the revision craniotomy, the bone flap was elevated easily with no adhesions between bone and underlying dura. Mr John Goodden, (Leeds General Infirmary) commented ‘The dura was noted to be intact with a slightly granular appearance to it. There was no evidence of excessive scarring in relation to the previous use of TissuePatchDural. Dural opening was performed in standard manner, again with no unexpected difficulty’.

The video shows the effective application of TissuePatchDural after the closure of the durotomy. The use of TissuePatchDural achieved watertight closure of the dura. Postoperatively the patient recovered well with no CSF leak and was discharged rapidly following surgery with no complications.


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