TissuePatchDural; Interview with Professor Broggi

See here a video interview performed recently with Professor Giovanni Broggi from Besta Institute in Milan concerning his experiences with TissuePatchDural. The unit has been using the product for over two years now and experiencing good results. In this short interview Professor Broggi speaks about his use of TissuePatchDural to successfully close the Dura Mater following neurosurgery and thereby prevent incidence of fistula and associated leakage of Cerebrospinal fluid. In particular he speaks about use in Posterior Fossa surgery and also use in closure of intradural lesions in spinal surgery. Compared with other sealant options Professor Broggi states that he believes the product provides better results, but does possess a learning curve to apply it correctly. This is consistent with Tissuemed’s view and usefully emphasises the point that surgeons do need to find their own way to the best technique.