TissuePatchDural™ “first choice repair material for treating CSF rhinorrhoea”

Surgeons at St Georges’ Hospital London, led by Dr Abbad Toma have published findings from a series of patients where TissuePatchDural™ was used to successfully treat cerebrospinal fluid rhinorrhoea – CSF leaks through the nasal cavity.

CSF transnasal

Reported in Clinical Otolaryngology, the authors commented, ‘we have found TissuePatchDural™ to be effective in sealing the dural defect, with advantages of avoiding complications associated with harvesting grafts from the thigh, such as postoperative pain, scar and prolonged intra-operative time)’. They conclude that TissuePatchDural™ is now their first choice repair material for treating cerebrospinal fluid rhinorrhoea.

Find link to the paper (Pubmed) here

Compared to fascia lata, which demands a harvesting procedure, TissuePatchDural™ is readily available, with the advantage of shortening operating time. By effectively sealing CSF leaks, morbidity can be reduced, with the potential to reduce length of stay and hospital costs.

For further information on TissuePatchDural and its use in dural closure to prevent CSF leaks contact Tissuemed’s sales team