TissuePatchDural – Clinical experience poster at the 2011 AANS

The 2011 AANS meeting opened on Sunday 10th April at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver, and Tissuemed are pleased to announce that the full poster from neurosurgeons at the Carlo Besta institute in Milan entitled “Avoidance of CSF leak after Microvascular decompression with clinical use of a new synthetic adhesive film” is now available to view via the 2011 AANS Denver Annual Scientific Meeting app. Tissuemed will make this poster available via its website when the meeting has closed.

The paper includes details of 100 patients who underwent MVD surgery, half of which involved use of TissuePatchDural sealant film. Follow-up of up to 18 months showed no post operative leaks in treated patients whereas 2 leaks were identified in the control arm.

David Mandley for Tissuemed is attending this years meeting in Denver as a guest of Medtronic, who since 1st September 2011 have distributed ObexNeuroFilm, an equivalent product to TissuePatchDural.

NOTE: TissuePatchDural and ObexNeuroFilm are not currently approved for use in the US.