TissuePatchDural: Clinical data presented at the Annual Brazilian Neurosurgery meeting

Last week, Tissuemed joined with our partners in Brazil, Canadá Central de Negócios do Brasil, to attend the XXXth Brazilian Congress of Neurosurgery in Curitiba, 13-18th September.

During the course of this meeting, Dr Paolo Ferroli (pictured above), Consultant Neurosurgeon from the Carlo Besta Neurological Institute in Milan, Italy, delivered an insightful presentation covering the history of dural closure techniques and discussed his approach for a tailored methodology when treating patients at a high risk of CSF leaks.

Dr Ferroli concluded by presenting his unit’s experience with Tissuemed’s TissuePatchDural sealant, and discussed clinical data (in press) comparing DuraSeal with TissuePatchDural in a series of posterior fossa cases. In this cohort, the proportion of patients with a post-operative CSF leak when treated with TissuePatchDural was just 7.8%, compared to 17.4% when DuraSeal was used.

David Mandley, Tissuemed’s CEO commented, ‘This is the second comparative clinical series where the beneficial sealing properties of TissuePatchDural have been demonstrated. Dr Ferroli and his team have shown that use of Tissuemed’s dural sealant more than halves the incidence of CSF leaks’.

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