TissuePatch – Trend to reducing persistent air leaks in VATS

Last month, during the World Society of CardioThoracic Surgeons meeting in Edinburgh, Mr Sri Rathinam, Consultant CardioThoracic surgeon from The Glenfield Hospital, Leicester, UK presented clinical findings from a series of patients receiving TissuePatch™ during Lung Volume Reduction Surgery. The Objective of Mr Rathinam’s study was to see whether use of TissuePatch™ would reduce post-operative air leak and reduce the time to chest drain removal.

In conclusion, the data revealed that air leaks in patients treated with TissuePatch™ stopped 3 days earlier compared to those who did not receive TissuePatch™. Furthermore, the number of patients discharged from hospital with a chest drain was halved following application of TissuePatch™.

This study provides further clinical evidence that the use of TissuePatch™ has the potential to prevent air leak following Lung Volume Reduction Surgery.

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