TissuePatch Punches Above its Weight

At only 40 microns, TissuePatch™ is undoubtedly one of the thinnest implantable medical devices in the world. Yet despite being a very fine film, TissuePatch certainly punches above its weight when it comes to comparative performance, delivering class-leading burst resistance compared with its liquid sealant competitors.

Thinness delivers a significant clinical benefit too, when considering the volume that TissuePatch occupies when compared to traditional liquid sealants, especially when working in confined spaces where any significant foreign object may be unwelcome.

Droplet image for www

Here’s a visual representation of what TissuePatch would look like if it was converted from a film into a liquid…unbelievably it’s the droplet on the left. The pool on the right represents the amount of liquid sealant that would be recommended by manufacturers to cover an equivalent surface area of tissue.

The notable difference in the thickness and volume of TissuePatch compared to the alternative sealing options means that the amount of foreign body to achieve the same clinical effect is significantly lower. Furthermore, the risk of compressive damage to tissues, including the brain is theoretically reduced.

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