TissuePatch – New clinical evidence in laryngectomy

Surgeons from the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals, UK, recently presented clinical experience data on the use of TissuePatch™ surgical sealant film in laryngectomy. Their e-poster was presented during the IFOS ENT World Congress in Paris, 24-28th June 2017.

In this series of patients undergoing both primary and higher risk ‘salvage’ laryngectomy, surgeons used TissuePatch™ to reinforce the pharyngeal closure to reduce the incidence of leakage in pursuit of reducing both morbidity and patient stay.

Dr David Mandley for Tissuemed remarked; “This new data has confirmed the safety and ‘ease of use’ of TissuePatch™ as an adjunct in pharyngeal closure.  We’re really encouraged with this early experience and look forward to seeing the benefits TissuePatch™ could provide to help reduce leaks in patients undergoing laryngeal surgery.”

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