TissuePatch™ in Thoracic Surgery: Tissuemed Attends Uniportal VATS Course

Last week, Tissuemed had the privilege of showing its TissuePatch™ surgical sealant film at the 4th International Uniportal Video-Assisted Thoracic Surgery (VATS) Course in Berlin

VATS demonstration
Live surgery at Uniportal VATS symposium

The meeting took place at the World renowned Charite Hospital in Berlin, Germany. It was organised by Dr Mahmoud Ismail of the Charite, and Dr Diego Gonzalez Rivas from Coruna Hospital, Spain and Tonji University Shanghai, China. Dr Rivas is a leading light and pioneer in uniportal VATS surgery.  The course provided an up to date and in-depth insight into single port thoracoscopic surgery. A varied program included lectures from notable thoracic surgeons, a full day of live surgery from the Charite and concluded with a hands-on wet lab.

Tissuemed CEO, David Mandley commented, “Single port VATS surgery clearly has a place in thoracic surgery in the 21st century. Over the last couple of days, some really interesting developments in the field – both surgical and instrumental have been presented.   It was notable that post-operative air leaks remain a concern amongst the community, so the requirement for a proven and effective sealant, such as TissuePatch to address this issue remains.”

Find clinical information regarding the use of TissuePatch in thoracic surgery here and if you’d like to talk to us or arrange a trial, contact us at sales@tissuemed.com