TissuePatch for Air Leak Prevention at ESTS


Surgical sealant maker, Tissuemed was at the European Thoracic surgeons (ESTS) meeting in Innsbruck, Austria last week. Clinical Air leak prevention was again on the agenda.

The Tyrolean mountains provided the backdrop to this years congress. Almost a thousand delegates attended from around the world, including notable guest speakers.

The opening event reflected the international feel of the meeting. The ‘Master Cup’ competition was an opportunity for postgraduates to pit their wits against colleagues on the subject of thoracic surgery. With 15 countries taking part, the final was a win for Canada over the Swiss team.

The ESTS event boasted a strong scientific program. It covered the latest opinions and ‘state of the art’, from oncology, robotics to enhanced recovery. There was also a joint session between ESTS and ERAS.

Post-op complications, most notably persistent air leaks (PALS) were also covered.  This included a lunchtime symposium on the subject. An international panel considered various aspects, ranging from predictive models, monitoring, drainage protocols and  how to reduce PALS. Notably it included the use of sealants.     

For Tissuemed, Dr David Mandley commented; “Once again it’s been great to meet thoracic surgeons at the ESTS event.”

He added; “Persistent air leaks can contribute to post-op problems for both the patient and healthcare provider. TissuePatch™ surgical sealant film can help to achieve pneumostasis. As such it’s always a welcome discussion topic.”

More about TissuePatch™ in lung surgery here. email or call +44 (0)113 2000500.