TissuePatch™ Enjoys Comparison in Thyroid Surgery Studies

Leader in surgical sealant technology, Tissuemed keeps abreast of the clinical literature.

A new publication in the International Journal of Surgery focuses on thyroid surgery. A team from Naples, Italy, investigates the control of blood loss using a new haemostatic product. This comparative study included 60 patients, half treated with electrocauterisation plus haemostat, and the remainder without haemostat. It reminded us of the latest clinical data for the use of TissuePatch™ in thyroid surgery. Presented by Mr Leo Cheng during the ICOMS meeting in Hong Kong last month, find that discussed here.

The Italian group reported mean drain output over a 24 hour period of 50.1ml and 90.3ml for the ‘cautery plus haemostat’ and ‘cautery only’ groups. The average hospital stay in these groups was 2.5 and 2.7 days respectively, this difference was not significant.

In comparison, Mr Cheng’s study, also including the use of electrocautery, demonstrated that TissuePatch™ contributed to a greater reduction in length of patient stay with a mean of 1.6 days. Equally striking, the average ‘total’ drainage volume’ (not just the amount collected over a 24 hours) for patients treated with TissuePatch™ was just 39.2ml.

For Tissuemed, Dr David Mandley remarked; “There are many similarities between these two publications, which allows us to compare the outcome data. It’s a testament to the performance of TissuePatch™ that we maintain our position as a leading surgical sealant for leak prevention. Importantly we can demonstrate shorter patient stay, which means reduced healthcare costs.”

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