TissuePatch Delivers Cost Savings: Infographic

Following the hugely successful Clinical Benefit Infographic, Tissuemed® is pleased to publish an update which translates Length of Stay reduction into cash savings, using accepted NHS data. Seeing the implications in monetary terms reinforces the Health Economic case for using TissuePatch™ for controlling air leaks in lung volume reduction surgery.

Tissuemed CEO Dr David Mandley commented; “At Tissuemed we are proud that our years spent developing TissuePatch™ yielded a product that can help improve patient outcomes. It’s very rewarding to see independent confirmation that our efforts can really help to deliver cost savings to healthcare providers as well as the benefit for patients of reduced time on a chest drain and days in hospital.  Based on the latest NHS Reference Costs, use of TissuePatch in the highest risk Lung Volume Reduction Surgery procedures has been demonstrated to offer savings to the NHS of £2,121 for each patient.”

For further information on TissuePatch and to arrange a trial contact Tissuemed at sales@tissuemed.com