Tissuemed’s new brochure repositions TissuePatch3

With the advent of TissuePatchThoracic, optimised to address air leaks in lung surgery, TissuePatch3 has now been repositioned by Tissuemed as its general surgical sealant film for application wherever leakage from suture lines and oozing tissues is undesirable. Tissuemed has long been of the view that while certain specialities such as thoracic surgery cry out for an effective sealant, there are many more occasions when the surgical site could be rendered more secure by using an adhesive film over the surface. One example is liver surgery, where surgeons are often faced with diffuse oozing from a tissue surface. The new TissuePatch3 brochure features a picture of the product set against a background of routinely used surgical tools, reinforcing the message that the product is an essential component in today’s general surgical armoury.