Tissuemed’s Dural Sub and Sealant Combine to Good Effect

At Tissuemed we receive lots of positive feedback from surgeons who use and rely on our products to achieve watertight closure of the Dura Mater. Most recently, neurosurgeons at The Royal Hallamshire Hospital in Sheffield, UK have provided excellent feedback following the use of Lyomesh™ in combination with TissuePatchDural™.

In this case, a spinal cord herniation, Lyomesh™ dural replacement was sutured in place and TissuePatchDural™ applied over the area to prevent CSF leakage. Photographs* show the dural defect before and after surgery.

Spinal Cord Herniation pre treatmentLyomesh and TissuePatchDural combine

Consultant Neuro/Spine Surgeon, Mr Marcel Ivanov reported that Lyomesh™ was “easy to handle and its transparency provided significant benefits compared to other duraplasty materials he had used.”

*Images provided courtesy of Mr Marcel Ivanov, MD, PhD, MSc, FRCS, Consultant Neurosurgeon and Spine Surgeon, Sheffield, UK