Tissuemed Shares “Shout at Cancer” Christmas Cheer

As previously reported here Tissuemed’s TissuePatch™ sealant film is finding applicability in head and neck surgery, including laryngectomy – to eliminate post-operative leakages and reduce in patient stay.

A group of patients from the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital – one of the centres using TissuePatch™ is part of the Shout at Cancer Choir, which has been set up to give the laryngectomy voice a place on stage. Tissuemed is pleased to be supporting and attending their Christmas Concert at St Stephens Church, Norwich on 7th December 2016. Click here for further information

For further information on the use of TissuePatch™ in ENT and Head and Neck surgery and to arrange an evaluation please contact Tissuemed via sales@tissuemed.com