Tissuemed Seeks Partners

Tissuemed has already brought to market the TissuePatch product family of multilaminate absorbable surgical sealant films. These are a range of thin, synthetic, highly adherent films that act as a barrier to air, blood and other fluids encountered in surgery. More adherent than surgical glues, the films require no preparation and are effective within 30 seconds of contact.

The technology demonstrated in these products has the ability to form the basis for new technologies or iterations of existing products. The Leeds based company is offering other companies the chance to benefit through a technology partnering initiative.

The scheme, under the banner of Tissuemed Adhesive Biomaterials Technology Group, takes the form of a bespoke polymer design, synthesis and manufacturing programme that is open to third parties such as companies whose own medical devices could be enhanced by the incorporation of adhesive characteristics, surfaces or components.

Examples of the types of surgical devices that may benefit from being self-adhesive to internal organs and structures include meshes, sutures and films as well as an array of implantable devices that may currently require physical means of anchoring.

The programme offers companies and surgeons the chance to work with Tissuemed’s team of dedicated scientists to develop bespoke polymer designs and add new functionalities to their own products. It also offers support in a range of other areas including clinical and regulatory, physical and biochemical testing, intellectual property protection and sales and marketing expertise.

Nick Woods, CEO of Tissuemed, comments, “In the same way that surgical staples revolutionised many surgical procedures in the eighties and nineties, we believe surgically effective adhesive compounds have the capability to drive advances in surgery in the foreseeable future.”

“Our own TissuePatch product range of very fine adhesive surgical sealant films is a showcase for what can be achieved, but I’m convinced this is only the beginning. Our scientists have worked out how to optimise the bonding of materials to the proteins offered by tissue surfaces, which is a major technological advance in itself. It’s now about exploring the applications for the technology, which is what this initiative is all about.”

“This unique partnering scheme offers a collaborative platform for us to work with specialists in all medical fields to develop a range of products that may become tomorrow’s standard treatments. This is a way of leveraging our technological capability and working with innovative thinkers outside our own group to benefit all parties, not least the patient for whom quicker, more reliable and ultimately more effective treatment is of primary importance.”

To find out more about the Tissuemed Adhesive Biomaterials Technology email info@tissuemedbio.com