Tissuemed home page updated with Surgeon Interview and Thyroid Video

Tissuemed’s home page now features links through to the two new videos the company has been advertising this week. Tissuemed’s products are indicated for use in “reducing or preventing oozing of tissue surfaces during surgery”, which is a broad field of application and means we are sometimes dependent on our surgeon community to find a benefit of using it ina broad range of procedures. Thyroid surgery, frequently performed by Oral/maxillofacial, ENT or Head and Neck surgeons is one such procedure in which a variety of sources of troublesome surgical leak can be minimised by judicious application of the patch. Furthermore the device will act to separate tissues in the early post-operative period, preventing unwanted contact between certain tissues and neurovascular structures. For further information or if you have specific enquiries please contact Tissuemed direct by emailing here with your enquiry.