Tissuemed CEO stepping down at the end of June

Tissuemed’s CEO Nick Woods has announced that he is to step down from the role at the end of June. Nick first became non executive Deputy Chairman in early 2007 and undertook the CEO role from mid 2008. Since joining the company he has presided over the commercialisation of Tissuemed’s first product, TissuePatch3, with the subsequent development and launch of TissuePatchDural and later TissuePatchThoracic. In 2010 the company entered into an agreement with Medtronic Inc., which included the exclusive distribution of Obex Neurofilm across major European territories. At the time Medtronic also made a significant investment in Tissuemed, a move seen as endorsement of the company’s technology.
Summarising his decision Nick states; “It is with a mixture of satisfaction and sadness that I step down from Tissuemed. It’s been an enormous privilege to work with people who are so innovative, intelligent and committed to what they are achieving here. It’s been wonderful to be part of it, especially to have had some small part in taking what started as an R&D project and seeing it used to such good effect in the Operating Theatre. There are few things as rewarding as seeing an idea turned into a commercial reality, especially when what that means is helping surgeons to improve outcomes for people at the end of complex and risk-prone surgical procedures.”
“My decision to step down was driven entirely by my assessment of the interests of Tissuemed. While the company has massive potential, it also needs absolute commitment to achieve it and after four years of effort I think the time is right to put a fresh face in the driving seat. There is no doubt in my mind that with the right ethos and a new CEO with his/her own ideas the company will continue to punch above its weight.”
Jeremy Sampson, non executive FD and from 1 July acting CEO said; “I’ve known Nick for many years and we both got involved with Tissuemed together. I was so pleased Nick agreed to act as CEO nearly three years ago and bring his own distinctive style and ideas to the business – We all owe him a great deal of thanks. He never made any secret of the fact that at the appropriate time he would be stepping down and so we are well prepared to bridge the hopefully short period before we install our new CEO. Nick remains a significant shareholder and I know won’t mind me calling him from time to time – Thanks Nick !”
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