Tissuemed appoints Middle East Sales Manager

Tissuemed has appointed Amir Naeimi to be responsible for recruiting, appointing and supporting distributors in the Middle East. Amir has been distributing TissuePatch products in Iran for some time and is therefore perfectly qualified to extend his role to that of managing the company’s commercialisation activities across the region. In addition to Iran, Tissuemed is already represented in UAE and Saudi and is actively seeking new distributors capable of supporting the specialities of Thoracic, Neuro and General Surgery in other Middle Eastern territories. For the company Nick Woods (CEO) states; “I’ve known Amir for a long time and our relationship has always been based on trust and friendship. I have absolute confidence that he will manage our activities extremely positively and especially that any new distributors can expect great service and support from him.”
If you represent a distributor in the Middle East and would like to become involved in the Tissuemed success story please contact the company by email and Amir will contact you. If you are a surgeon and would like further information about the company and its products please click here and we will respond as soon as possible.