The experience curve;when does TissuePatch really click with its target audience?

How many times do surgeons need to use TissuePatch before they get the best from the product? The answer, according to a retrospective look at evaluation-to-order patterns is somewhere between 5 and 6. What’s amazing is that surgeons score the product highly on feedback forms even on first use (87.5% good or excellent effectiveness), when mistakes are most likely and the learning curve steepest. It’s true that the learning curve isn’t exactly neck-snappingly steep…this is an intuitive product that simply requires opening, applying and holding against tissue surfaces for a minimum of 30 seconds to work, but there is no doubt that something happens around case number 5, at which time surgeons suddenly recognise that the product has become a routine option. So the message..for surgeons and indeed sales people alike is (apologies for this)…stick with it!