Dr Valverde, Hospital Central de Asturias, Oviedo, Spain: “It’s very easy to use and very efficient”

Dr Palade, Uniklinikum, Freiburg, Germany: “Very useful in selected patients-empyema with strong adhesions and air leaks”

Mr Stamenkovic, Freeman Hospital, Newcastle, UK: “It covers the leak with a solid sealant product. Visual writing means you cannot place it the wrong way up”

Mr Papagiannopoulos, St James’s Hospital, Leeds, UK: “Good flexibility. Applied more easily to tissue than its predecessor”

Mr Bishay, Heartlands Hospital, Birmingham, UK: “Easy to use and effectively sealed air leak”

Dr Dewan, LRS Institute of TB & Respiratory Diseases, New Delhi, India: “I have used TissuePatch in a total of 11 patients and I have found it to be consistently good in managing raw lung surfaces. Bleeding and air leak immediately stops and in the postoperative period, I am able to remove chest tubes quite early. TissuePatch as a new product is a genuine value addition to my surgery”


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