Surgical Technology

TissuePatch™ films are ready-to-use, requiring no advance preparation. Once delivered to the surgeon they can be quickly and easily applied to the desired surgical site.

Thin and flexible TissuePatch™ conforms to target tissue surfaces and is functionally effective after just 30 seconds of application.

Minimal swelling makes TissuePatch™ ideal for use in tight spaces. In addition the films are transparent. This means the surgeon can helpfully see underlying tissues after application.

Furthermore they can be used in conjunction with grafting substitute materials, for example dural substitutes.

Despite being ultra-fine, all products are microscopically “layered” to provide favourable handling and structural characteristics.

Products are imprinted with a logo which is readable when the adhesive tissue-interfacing surface is correctly orientated.

In contrast the upper surface is non-adhesive, providing a barrier to overlying tissues.

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