Science and Technology

Polymer Science

Many years of research and development by Tissuemed’s team of expert scientists led to the ground-breaking, patented bioadhesive polymer known as TissueBond™.

TissueBond™ rapidly and strongly adheres to proteinaceous tissues through a complex series of electrostatic interactions and covalent bonding. The technology needs no activation, additional preparation or agents.

TissuePatchDural Mode of Action

Sealant Film Technology

Based on its patented TissueBond™ technology, the TissuePatch™ portfolio is a family of unique, synthetic, self-adhesive, bioresorbable and biocompatible surgical sealant films.

At only 40microns thick TissuePatch films deliver much from a tiny amount of foreign material.

TissuePatch™ films are resorbable and based on polymers that are commonly used in other surgical implants.

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