Synthetic Absorbable Surgical film has potential to provide benefits for patients and budgets

Pioneering adhesive surgical film manufacturer, Tissuemed Ltd (Leeds, UK) will showcase the unique TissuePatch range at MEDICA 2009 to help raise awareness across the medtech industry and demonstrate how this “breakthrough technology” is revolutionising surgical procedures worldwide.

Launched at the exhibition last year – the largest healthcare technologies trade fair in the world – TissuePatch is the family name for a group of products designed for specific surgical applications. The products are fine absorbable films which adhere to the body’s internal tissues, preventing the leakage of air, blood or other fluids encountered in surgery.

Over the last year the company, has made massive strides in educating surgeons about the benefits of using these films adjunctively to traditional closure methods such as sutures and staples, and as a result the products are now being used in a variety of surgical applications across the globe.

Nick Woods, CEO of Tissuemed, said: “Over the last year we have had excellent feedback from surgeons and TissuePatch is now being used across the world to help seal air leaks in lung surgery and Cerebrospinal fluid leaks in brain and spinal surgery. This year we are coming back to the show to continue to raise awareness, cement some key relationships and also source new partners around the world. We’re receiving more and more feedback suggesting that the product has the potential to reduce complications associated with leaking tissues, thereby reducing patient stay and associated costs. These are healthcare buzzwords and will remain so, which is extremely heartening and only strengthens our belief that this technology has a place in today’s surgical practice.”

TissuePatch is more adherent than surgical glues, is easy to apply, requires no preparation and is effective within 30 seconds of contact.

Its elasticity and conformability also means it works like a surgical ‘cling-film’ and has been optimised to address the very specific demands of different surgical environments and tissue types.

It is also transparent to allow operators to visualise the underlying tissues and if it wasn’t for the logo printed within the multilaminate film, it would be almost invisible once in contact with the body.

MEDICA is the largest medical technologies fair in the world and will be taking place between 18-21 November at the Messe Düsseldorf. Throughout the show Tissuemed will be located on the UK Pavilion, hall 16 stand G10.