Surgical Sealant Films: New applications sought

Tissuemed’s ultra fine synthetic absorbable self-adhesive films are proving their worth in surgical indications for which their benefit is obvious. These include reduction of air leak potential in lung surgery and avoidance of CSF leakage following Neuro/spinal surgery. Just like the early days of fibrin glues however, we believe there exist a host of other indications where judicious application of a self-adhesive film would provide operator/patient/economic benefit. Remembering that Tissuemed’s regulatory approval for its TissuePatch3 product extends to reduction of low level oozing bleeds, this suggests that the product could be really useful in any form of surgery where a “bed” is left following a resection or dissection. This may include liver surgery or even selected cholecystectomy cases. We know for example that it provides excellent utility in thyroid surgery and as a company are keen to collect data on this as well as other indications. If you are a surgeon with ideas or applications in which you are finding TissuePatch useful please tell us by emailing us here . We’d love to share your experience on this site.