Stick with TissuePatch: If at first you don’t succeed….

Here’s an amazing story relating to the use of TissuePatch in lung surgery. Tissuemed collects feedback from surgeons as avidly as possible, and we look specifically to address two questions… well does the product work and how easy is it to use? Anyone scrolling through our blog will pick up a recurring theme, which is just how much variability it is possible to get between applications. This is almost certainly predominantly due to two factors: moisture of tissue surface and experience of surgeon. Surgeons tell us all the time that they need to get used to the product and “find their own way” to optimal air leak reduction. Today we received a feedback form that crystallises this perfectly. A surgeon from Denmark used our original product TissuePatch3 for air leak reduction in 2008 and scored it 1(out of 5) for ease of use and 1 (out of 5) for efficacy….. “it just didn’t stick”. Contrastingly today’s feedback from the same surgeon scores TissuePatchThoracic, a fundamentally very similar product, 4 out of 5 on both counts. Our analysis is that with good technique the product is extremely effective, easy and quick to use and most importantly, is a learned skill.