Radiological follow-up of TissuePatchDural

This clinical summary details the 3 month post-operative radiological follow-up of four patients who underwent intradural resective procedures. All the patients, treated with TissuePatchDural in order to seal the dura following sutured closure, were followed up regularly during the postoperative course. The study was undertaken in order to establish whether any remains of the product could be identified radiologically, whether the product had suffered any undue swelling which would be identifiable if significant and finally whether there were any signs of clinically significant CSF leak at the point of closure. In all cases the findings show no evidence of the product nor any clinical CSF leakage, providing surgeons with reassurance that CSF leakage can be prevented without the use of bulky materials nor the potential complication of pseudomeningocele reported with some of the swellable liquid/gel sealants.