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“Drain Dance” technique for thoracoscopic application of Tissuepatch

Ang K, Oey I, Rathinam S

Glenfield Hospital, Leicester, UK

TissuePatch used to reduce postoperative air-leak after lung volume reduction surgery present the ‘Drain Dance’ technique for the effective delivery.

TissuePatch as a novel synthetic sealant for repair of superficial lung defect: in vitro tests results

Zhang R, Bures M, Hoffler H, Zinne N, Langer F, Kruger M et al

Hannover Medical School, GERMANY.

First report of a new in vitro model to evaluate the sealing efficacy of TissuePatch for air leaks.

In vitro comparison of two widely used surgical sealants for treating alveolar air leak.

Zhang R, Bures M, Höffler K, Jonigk D, Haverich A, Krueger M

Hannover Medical School, GERMANY.

Using the in vitro ‘sealing’ model developed at Hannover, this publication presents the effectiveness of two products for air leak prevention. Noteworthy because TissuePatch outperforms both products , delivering a higher maximum burst pressure.


An Initial Experience with a Synthetic Self-adhesive Patch (TissuePatch3) in Video-assisted Thoracoscopic Lung Volume Reduction Surgery (VATS LVRS)

Oey IF, Lau K, Waller DA

Dept of Respiratory Medicine and Thoracic Surgery, Glenfield Hospital, Leicester, UK

Does the use of a Synthetic Sealant Cater for Intraoperative Air Leaks Following Lung Resections in all Patients?

Kostopanagiotou K, Papagiannopoulos, K

Thoracic Surgery Dept. St James’s University Hospital, Leeds, UK