Tissuemed Neuro / Spine Product Range

Tissuemed famously developed and manufactures its TissuePatchDural dural sealant film. The company also distributes (in UK) products that it has carefully selected to enhance its Neuro/Spine surgery offering. These range additions are chosen on the basis that they are interesting and relevant for the surgical specialty.

TissuePatch Dural
sealant film

Avoid CSF Leaks by using this self-adhesive, absorbable sealant film for adjunctive closure of the Dura Mater following surgical intervention.

Duramesh Lyo

For surgical reconstruction of the Dura Mater. Derived from equine pericardium and incorporating biocompatible native collagen this highly versatile and user-friendly dural substitute carries no risk of BSE transmission.

Distributed by Tissuemed in UK only

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