TissuePatch Logo for ENT/Head and Neck Surgery

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In Brief

TissuePatch™ is:

  • a self-adhesive surgical sealant film
  • indicated for the avoidance and resolution of leaks in surgery
  • particularly effective in adjunctive closure of tissue to minimise blood, saliva and chyle leaks during ENT surgery procedures
  • fully synthetic, containing no human, bovine or porcine material
  • applied straight from the pack, requiring no advance preparation
  • an effective therapeutic solution for only a tiny amount of foreign material
  • available in a range of sizes and shapes and can be cut to shape to suit clinical requirements
  • multi-layered, incorporating structural and adhesive absorbable components

By helping surgeons to achieve watertight closure, TissuePatch helps in the avoidance of post-operative complications associated with saliva and chylous leaks. This means it can contribute to shorter patient stays and reduced healthcare costs.

Note: TissuePatch™ is not indicated for direct use in the mouth on Oral Mucosa

Size Guide/Ordering

Size Code
5 x (25 x 50 mm) TP-01M
5 x (50 x 50 mm) TP-02M
5 x (50 x 100 mm) TP-03M
5 x (100 x 100 mm) TP-04M
5 x (30 x 80 mm) TP-05M
5 x (25 x 100 mm) TP-07M



Find TissuePatch Instructions for use here