Duramesh Lyo

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Tissuemed Ltd is the UK distributor for Duramesh Lyo (previously known as LyomeshNeuroVR™ or simply Lyomesh™). Duramesh Lyo is a biological membrane for use in the surgical reconstruction of the Dura Mater.It is derived from equine pericardium and incorporates biocompatible native collagen. By virtue of the origin of Duramesh Lyo there is no risk of transmission of BSE.

Duramesh Lyo consists of polypeptide chains forming the elementary fibres that are interwoven into cords connected via a compliant network.

Lyomesh Neuro VR Composition

During processing, the collagen layers of the pericardium are compacted, reducing the thickness of the implant from 0.4 to 0.2 mm. This procedure also enhances the ability of Duramesh Lyo to be sutured, delivering excellent traction resistance and suture retention characteristics.

Duramesh Lyo is transparent, so the visibility of the underlying tissues is maintained following application.

Following implantation, Duramesh Lyo is gradually reabsorbed, with fibroblasts and endothelial cells entering the collagen network, leading to its replacement with new autologous connective tissue.   



Duramesh Lyo is indicated (CE Mark) for use as a Dura Mater replacement in Cranial, Spinal and Transnasal closure. It has excellent suture retention properties and conforms to complex wound surfaces, ultimately developing into living dural tissue.

The photographs below illustrate the use of Duramesh Lyo to replace the Dura Mater in cranial and spinal surgery, secured by suturing and seen in combination with TissuePatchDural™ surgical sealant film .

Lyomesh Neuro VR In Use 1
Lyomesh Neuro VR In Use 2
Lyomesh Neuro VR In Use 3
Lyomesh and TissuePatchDural working together
Images provided courtesy of Mr Marcel Ivanov, MD, PhD, MSc, FRCS, Consultant Neurosurgeon and Spine Surgeon, Sheffield, UK

Using Duramesh Lyo

Duramesh Lyo is packed sterile in a double pouch and can be used straight out of the packet. To soften and aid placement the product may be hydrated in sterile saline for a period of one minute.

Duramesh Lyo can be cut to the size and shape as required and can be sutured, using a 5/0 or 4/0 non-reabsorbable suture and a small-calibre cylindrical needle.  A suture bite of at least 3mm of tissue is recommended.

Duramesh Lyo must be prepared and applied securely in order to secure it in the desired location, taking care to protect its structural integrity.

Note: While the product is anti-allergenic, its use is not recommended on patients allergic to equine meat.

Size Guide/Ordering

Duramesh Lyo is available in a range of sizes.

Size Code
25mm × 30mm (1” × 1.2”) LYO-025X030H
40mm × 50mm (1.5” × 2”) LYO-040X050H
70mm x 80mm (2.5” × 3”) LYO-070X080H


Tissuemed Ltd. is the exclusive UK distributor for Duramesh Lyo. UK customers requiring further information should email Tissuemed’s Customer Support Team sales@tissuemed.com or call 0113 200 0500

Clinical Findings

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White Papers

Use of Lyomesh™ augmented with TissuePatchDural™ for repair of dural defect in spinal cord herniation.

Mr Marcel Ivanov, MD, PhD, MSc, FRCS, Consultant Neurosurgeon and Spine Surgeon, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals, UK

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