Pre-soaking TissuePatch can enhance handling says new Clinical White Paper

To coincide with this week’s annual meeting of the Society of British Neurosurgeons (SBNS), in York, UK, Tissuemed is pleased to announce the publication of a new Clinical Series Bulletin, available here on the Tissuemed website.

This latest report from Consultant Neurosurgeon Mr John Goodden at the Leeds General Infirmary, UK, details his experience of pre-soaking TissuePatchDural™ prior to using to effectively seal the Dura Mater following surgery for low grade Glioma. Although wetting of TissuePatchDural™ prior to use is not required, hydration can enhance handling characteristics of the patch.

In summary, Mr Goodden reported, “The use of TissuePatchDural™ ensured the watertight closure of the Dura. Postoperatively the patient recovered well with no CSF leak. He was discharged rapidly following surgery with no complications”

“The main benefit of this pre-soaking technique is that it enhances the handling characteristics and compliance of TissuePatchDural™, making it easier to insert into confined spaces.”

A short video demonstrating application of TissuePatchDural™ after wetting is available here on Tissuemed’s Youtube channel.