Poster presentation at European Thoracic Meeting

This years annual gathering of the European Society for Thoracic Surgeons (ESTS) in Marseille saw a poster presentation from thoracic surgeons at the Glenfield Hospital in Leicester, UK. The team comprising Inger Oey, Kelvin Lau and led by David Waller reported their use of TissuePatch in video-assisted thoracoscopic lung volume reduction surgery (VATSLVRS). Over a two year period, 26 such procedures were undertaken using TissuePatch, with the data compared to an historical group of 158 VATSLVRS cases where two different types of staple lines buttresses were used. Full details of the findings from this series are presented here. In summary, for patients where TissuePatch was used to support the staple line (as an alternative to conventional buttressing), the mean duration of surgery was shortened significantly from 71 to 50 minutes. Furthermore, the mean length of stay was reduced from 20 to 17 days. For Tissuemed, David Mandley, Director responsible for clinical affairs commented, ‘in this series of 26 patients the team from Leicester have demonstrated that TissuePatch can be used in VATS LVR surgery and seems to shorten operative time, duration of air leak and hospital stay. The observed reduction in both operating time and length of stay create a strong economic case for the use of TissuePatch’.

Photographed below is Inger Oey discussing this work and answering questions from delegates in Marseille.