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Tissuemed is a leading medical device company, at the forefront of R&D and technical innovation in the field of adhesive medical polymers. The first commercial application of the Tissuebond™ technology is the TissuePatch™ family of surgical sealant films.

The company’s primary expertise lies in bioadhesive chemistry, which has potential applications in many surgical applications. We welcome approaches from companies with potential synergies. Examples might include those where adding a bioadhesive component to another product would be desirable or advantageous.

Tissuemed offers a broad portfolio of networks and partnering opportunities, and can deliver:

  • Project management and Regulatory support
  • Polymer synthesis and product development
  • Clean room manufacturing and packaging
  • Marketing and distribution

Several business models are available which can be tailored to suit the client or project requirements.

Project Management & Regulatory Support

All aspects of the Tissuemed-client relationship will be managed within an accredited ISO13485 quality system.

For projects involving product development and manufacturing, Tissuemed can assist with the regulatory pathway, possessing the necessary skills and experience to achieve regulatory approval of a range of medical devices.

Product Development & Prototyping

Tissuemed Lab FacilitiesRapid translation of concepts into real products in the market

Tissuemed’s R&D group consists of a dedicated team of PhD and graduate chemists and polymer scientists with many years’ experience in academia and industry.

We specialise in the following fields:

  • Polymer synthesis and characterisation – particularly bioactive polymers
  • Formulation of thin films and coatings – both adhesive and non-adhesive/barrier coatings, from 1µm and upwards
  • Chemical and physical testing
  • Small scale clean manufacture for pre-clinical and clinical trials
  • Intellectual property support


Tissuemed CleanroomTissuemed’s manufacturing capability is flexible, offering the potential to minimise the lead time from prototype to market.

Key features:

  • ISO Class 7 (10,000) clean room equipped for coating, vacuum drying, cutting and packaging operations
  • Adaptable and well-trained clean room technicians
  • Separate polymer synthesis and purification suite suitable for kg scale manufacture
  • Design and validation of packaging, IFUs and labelling
  • QC testing (chemical, physical and microbiological testing) – conducted both in-house and externally
  • Process validation (IQ/OQ/PQ)
  • Access to local and national sterilisation facilities

Marketing & Distribution

Tissuemed has access to a global distribution network.

We have a strong team of UK-based experienced medical device Sales & Marketing professionals. We can help bring your product to market with routes to direct hospital access in the UK and a broad network of international distributors.