Once, twice, three times a sealant

It happens all too frequently that surgeons take a little time to get used to a new product, especially when it’s something as “different” as TissuePatch. First we need go through the first batch of fairly simple questions…which way up do I put it?(keep the logo readable)…how long do I hold it on for?(min 30 seconds)….do I need to soak it first? (No, definitely not)….Is there some backing I need to peel off?(again no).
More significantly though are those subtle technique nuances that make or break the performance. A surgeon said to us this week that “surgeons need to find their own way with it” and we agree with that to a significant extent. The difference between success and failure to adhere to target tissue can be so subtle that we’re often left scratching our heads because the surgeon appeared to do everything right. A recent case proves the point that it’s a learned skill; A surgeon new to the product was using it in a neuro/spinal indication and was unimpressed with its adhesion after first use, mildly impressed after second use and very impressed after third use, despite there being not that much to choose between technique on application 1 vs application 3. It’s subtle and we can help provide guidance, so our customers and new customers are invited to ask us…after all we’ve experience of thousands of cases across many specialities. The message is to persevere, because with experience the results can be remarkable.