Obex NeuroFilm – Important information for customers.

With effect from 1st June 2012, Tissuemed and Medtronic have agreed that exclusive distribution of Tissuemed’s dural sealant film will return to Tissuemed. This is a commercial decision to enable Tissuemed to actively control its core sealant product. Moving forward, Tissuemed will supply TissuePatchDural in place of Obex NeuroFilm.

Obex NeuroFilm and TissuePatchDural are identical products in their composition, mode of action and clinical use. Both are manufactured by Tissuemed at our facility in the United Kingdom.

Tissuemed will be contacting Obex NeuroFilm customers to provide advice regarding their local distributor who will manage sales and customer support activities relating to TissuePatchDural.

For urgent requests, TissuePatchDural is available to order directly from Tissuemed via our Customer Services Department. Orders can be placed by telephone, +44 113 2000519, fax +44 113 2407343 or email at sales@tissuemed.com