New Clinical Case Reports

Tissuemed is pleased to announce two new Clinical Case Reports from surgeons at two UK centres. The first describes the use of TissuePatchDural by an ENT consultant surgeon to repair a posterior semicircular canal perilymph fistula. This is the first reported use of Tissuemed’s surgical sealant film technology in this application. At follow up complete resolution of pressure-induced vertigo from the perilymph fistula was noted with no relapse of symptoms at last follow up 7 months after surgery. No hearing loss or worsening of balance was noted.

The second details use of TissuePatch3 as an adjunct in thyroid surgery to prevent blood and other fluid leakage. In addition to providing an effective seal, TissuePatch3 also provided protection of the recurrent laryngeal nerve and parathyroid gland at the thyroid bed from the vacuum suction drain.
This case report represents one of a series of patients that Mr Leo Cheng (St Bartholomew’s, the Royal London, & Homerton University Hospitals) has undertaken and will be presenting at next months BAOMS meeting in Nice (22-24th June) that Tissuemed will be attending.