More surgeons using TissuePatchThoracic

Building on its early success with its lung sealant film, Tissuemed has announced that two further UK hospitals have started ordering TissuePatchThoracic in the last few weeks, following successful evaluations of the product.

For Tissuemed, Anne Kavanagh stated; “The most common response among the surgical community when they are first shown the sealant film is that “I’ve tried all the products available (typically liquid glues/sealants) for resolving air leaks and nothing works satisfactorily.” For this reason a significant proportion of surgeons choose to adopt ever more judicious placement of sutures and pledgets rather than relying on a sealant with questionable efficacy. Two things are clear however; firstly there are cases where judicious surgical technique alone isn’t enough….diffuse air leaks and raw areas for instance. Secondly, in TissuePatchThoracic there is now a virtually instant method of providing a seal that will be sustained through the post operative course.”