Medtech can help beat the recession, says Eucomed

Interesting article featured in Medtech Business:….. A letter by Eucomed Chief Executive John Wilkinson to the Financial Times, responding to its claim that the medical device industry is suffering a “cyclical” market downturn, emphasised the potential of innovative medical technology to provide solutions to health economic problems. This position concurs with Tissuemed’s view that new technologies (indeed its own) are an essential component in improving the efficiency of healthcare delivery. It also goes on to concur with Tissuemed’s analysis that healthcare providers must not adopt the siege mentality of just “saying no” to new technologies because of local budgetary restrictions. In his letter to the FT, John Wilkinson also states “increased rationing of care” and the failure of many health systems to “wholly assess the full value of medical technology innovation”, leads them to erect barriers to innovation in the interests of “short-term cost control rather than long-term efficiency and effectiveness.”
All completely reflective of the daily reality faced by companies carrying superb new technologies to clinicians and other stakeholders…. The full article can be found here.

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