New Evidence that Using TissuePatch Reduces Length of Patient Stay in Lung Surgery: Infographic

hospital-stay-1The Department of Thoracic Surgery at Leicester’s Glenfield Hospital specialises in complex thoracic surgical procedures and on October 7th presented data from its study into the use of TissuePatch in VATS Lung Volume reduction surgery. The paper, titled “Use of surgical sealant film to reduce hospital stay after video-assisted thoracoscopic lung volume reduction” was presented today at the Italian Thoracic Society’s annual meeting in Rome. Results demonstrate a reduction in drain time and hospital stay in all patients compared with its own comparative data when TissuePatch wasn’t used. The difference between use of TissuePatch and buttressed staples and other glues was median 11 days compared with 14, with more striking comparisons in older patients and those at higher risk.

Investigator Rocca Bilancia stated; “The routine use of surgical sealant films has contributed to an overall reduction in LOS of around 20%, after LVRS. The benefit is particularly noted in patients at highest risk of air leak and its consequences.”