Grant Funding for Next Generation Bioadhesive

Tissuemed, developer and manufacturer of the TissuePatch family of Surgical Sealant Films is pleased to announce the award of an Innovate UK Technology Strategy Board Smart grant.

The goals of this 12 month project are to develop the next generation of Tissuebond™ bioadhesive technology and to undertake proof-of-concept investigations leading to commercialisation of future products.

Dr Ian Thompson, CTO of Tissuemed said: “We are delighted with this grant award. It will support the innovative applied polymer research that Tissuemed continues to undertake in the field of advanced biomaterials”

Tissuemed is a Leeds-based medical device company, the principal activity of which is the design, development and manufacture of innovative adhesive medical devices for use in internal surgical procedures. Its devices are based on the company’s proprietary Tissuebond™ bioadhesive technology and its family of CE marked TissuePatch™ products are designed to improve clinical outcomes and provide cost benefits to hospitals. TissuePatch™ is an implantable device, akin to an internal sticking plaster and is used during surgery to provide a sealing effect that prevents intra and post-operative leaks of air, blood and CSF fluid.