Give me a whiffle!….in VATS a partially filled lung offers a better surface for TissuePatch

This may not translate well, but it’s a lovely story regardless. If the purpose of this site is to impart nuggets of user information to the surgical community, then this is what it’s all about. A leading thoracic surgeon, while using TissuePatchThoracic in a VATS case recently stated that he felt a fully deflated lung might not offer enough resistance to the product being pressed onto its surface, so he turned to the anaesthetist and requested; “Give me a whiffle”, meaning “please partially inflate the lung”. Whiffle duly applied the patch appeared to adhere readily to the tissue surface…imagine applying sticky tape to a burst balloon and then imagine if the balloon has been modestly inflated. The tissue surface is smoother and a firmer substrate against which to apply the modest pressure required for seating of the tape.