Economic Argument for Employing CSF Prevention Measures

One recurrent topic of conversation when marketing medical devices, is the subject of cost and the justification of expenditure. Creating Health Economic arguments underpins the adoption of new technologies and plays an important role in the management of the healthcare sector. With relevance to TissuePatchDural, a 2011 report published by neurosurgeons at Germany’s University of Rostock, analysed the economic impact of CSF leaks on overall procedure cost. That paper can be found here. Treatment of a leak requires diagnostic procedures and in certain instances further surgical intervention. Analysis of data from 168 patients revealed that the costs for these procedures and prolonged hospital stay approximately doubled the economic burden, from €14,000 per case to €25.5k in instances where a CSF leak was recognised.

TissuePatchDural is designed to seal and reinforce the dura and deliver a watertight seal, eliminating CSF leaks, improving the clinical outcome and reducing healthcare costs.